We are among the leading specialists for advice on the legal rules for project development of real property in Denmark and abroad.

We offer advice at all stages of a project, whether it concerns refurbishment of existing premises for another purpose, demolition of old buildings, or construction of new buildings for residential development or commercial leasing. We also advise on collaboration between the project developer, investors, banks, and auditors, etc.

Our lawyers have gained unique expertise, insight and understanding in the area of project development. They have extensive experience in helping Danish as well as international clients through all phases of project development, from advising during development of the idea to actual implementation of the project, assisting with the process of making the project saleable, and finally advising on the project sale itself.

For example, our lawyers provide advice on:

  • Drawing up contracts in connection with buying real property and reselling real property following completion of a property project in Denmark or abroad,
  • Financing agreements, including financial advice in connection with the purchase of real property and in connection with the implementation of a property project,
  • Restructuring a property project,
  • Complying with regulatory requirements and communicating with the authorities,
  • Legal regulation and updates of special legislation relevant to project development, such as spatial planning legislation, construction legislation, building permits and operating permits, as well as environmental legislation,
  • Company-law aspects, including establishing a company and drawing up shareholders’ agreements, as well as strategic and management advice,
  • Drawing up the contracts required in a property project, including collaboration agreements, agreements on construction work, commercial lease agreements, etc.
  • Tax aspects relevant to considerations in connection with buying real property, implementing the property project, taxation on resale as well as tax optimization and tax planning regarding corporation tax law and/or potential personal income tax consequences.

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