Project development

We are among the leading specialists, advising on the legal rules applicable to project development of real property in Denmark and abroad.

We are able to provide advice during all phases of a project: whether it concerns refurbishment of existing premises for another commercial purpose, demolition of old buildings or construction of a newbuild for residential development or business rental; we also advise on the collaboration between the project developer, investors, banks and auditors, etc.

Our lawyers have developed a unique expertise, insight and understanding within project development.  They have a wealth of experience assisting both Danish and international clients with anything from advice during the development of the idea to the actual completion of the project, assistance during the process of making the project saleable and advice during the project sale itself.

Our lawyers provide advice on, for example:

  • Preparing contracts in connection with the purchase of real property and the re-sale of real property after completion of a property project in Denmark or abroad
  • Financing agreements, including financial advice in connection with the purchase of real property and/or the completion of a property project
  • The re-structuring of a property project
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and liaising with the authorities
  • Legislative regulation and updates of private acts relevant to project development, such as planning legislation, construction legislation, planning permissions, occupancy permits and environmental legislation
  • Company-law advice, including forming a company, preparing shareholders’ agreements and providing strategic and management advice
  • Preparing the contracts necessary for a property project, including collaboration agreements, agreement on the property project, business rental contracts, etc.
  • The tax aspects relevant to the considerations prior to the purchase of real property, the completion of the property project, the taxation on the re-sale together with the tax optimisation and planning purely in relation to company tax and/or personal income tax.

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