Our lawyers have extensive experience with all types of transactions related to buying and selling real property and property companies, and we represent both Danish and foreign clients, including listed and private investors, pension funds and property funds, as well as associations.

We assist our clients with all matters related to the transfer of real property and property companies, including assistance with ownership structure, the terms and conditions of the transfer, risks, due diligence procedures, negotiations and completion of the transaction.

Furthermore, we offer qualified and commercial recommendations for the optimal financing solution. We can assist in drawing up loan agreements and security documents, also in connection with raising mortgages on real property, restrictions on mortgaging and sale, security in rental payments, pledging alienation rights and goodwill as well as any other type of security.

We are dedicated to helping our clients from start to finish in order to ensure them the best possible contractual terms as well as satisfactory conditions for the transfer.

Contact one of our specialists on property transactions.