We provide advice on matters relating to company law, including with regard to transferring businesses, company formation, making changes to existing companies, mergers, demergers, etc.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in assisting companies with the diverse issues and challenges that a company and its owners may face:

  • In connection with setting up a company, our assistance includes guidance on the most appropriate corporate form (e.g. public limited company (A/S) or private limited company (ApS)) and the actual formation of the company.
  • If a company has several owners, we also assist in drawing up shareholders’ agreements between the owners to clarify the rules governing their relationship, thereby avoiding future disputes as far as possible.
  • We advise on the rules and guidelines relating to boards of directors and their liability.
  • Services offered to existing companies include advice on observing the Danish Companies Act, changes to management and auditing teams, and possible changes to the company.
  • We provide advice to clients who are considering mergers, demergers and resumptions of companies, and we help in the implementation process.
  • We provide assistance in connection with investments in companies (capital increases) or reductions in share capital (capital reduction).
  • We assist our clients in observing the rules on conducting general meetings.
  • We offer advice to companies admitting new owners, or if one or several owners want to leave the company.
  • We offer advice to companies going through a generational change.

When advising on matters related to company law, we always adopt a solution-oriented and strategic approach. We aim to be the preferred cooperation partner for companies requiring professional company-law advice.

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