Company law

We provide advice on matters relating to company law, including transferring a business, forming a company, making changes to an existing company, mergers and demergers.

Our lawyers have many years of experience assisting companies with all the issues and challenges that a company and its owners may face:

  • In connection with the formation of a company, we can assist with advice on, among other things, the most appropriate corporate form (such as limited liability companies) and the company formation itself.
  • If the company is to have several owners, we also assist with drawing up shareholders’ agreements to clarify the partnership and the rules governing the relationship between the owners in an attempt to avoid any future dispute between them.
  • We advise on the rules and regulations relating to boards of directors and directors’ liability.
  • Already established companies may require advice on observing the Companies Act, changes to management and auditing teams as well as the possibility of changing the company.
  • We advise clients considering mergers, demergers and resumptions of companies, and we also assist with the implementation process.
  • If a company is considering new investments (capital increase) or a reduction of the share capital (capital reduction).
  • We assist our clients with observing the rules on conducting general meetings.
  • We can also assist if a company wishes to invite new owners or if one or several owners want to leave the company.
  • A company going through a generational change may require legal advice.

Our team advising on matters relating to company law always take a strategic and solution-oriented approach, and we want to be the preferred partner of companies wanting a skilled company-law adviser.

For many years, small businesses and large international companies as well as anything in between have entrusted us with resolving matters relating to company law.  Our experience and advice within this field is based on the trust and the results which we have created for our clients.

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