As a natural part of our legal and commercial expertise within real property and construction law, we offer advice on investments in solar power plants and wind farms, including project planning, transferring, construction, acquiring and structuring investments in solar and wind power.

Our experienced team of specialists advise on all matters relating to solar power and wind farm investments, drawing on their wealth of national and international experience.

Over the years, our advice has resulted in investments in renewable energy plants with a total capacity of more than 100 MW.

Our advice is an integral part of our legal expertise and our extensive commercial insight and knowledge of the property sector and construction law.  We have comprehensive knowledge of the market and legal regulation of solar power and wind farm investments. We can also guide you on your financial/tax position and on any legislative amendments, and share our experience from practice.

If you are contemplating investing in solar and wind power projects, you should consider which form of investment is relevant for you, for example as a limited liability company (A/S) or a limited partnership company (P/S); how to achieve optimum risk diversification; and the return potential and risks associated with your investment, so that, as an investor, you are well-equipped to follow developments and get the best out of your investment.

We can help you identify any questions that may arise during the investment process in the communication between you and the investment project manager.

As part of our advisory service, we review the investment project as well as your role and responsibility in relation to the investment, and we inform the investment provider about your expectations for the project.  We prepare and review all contracts associated with the investment, including aspects related to the transfer, construction, acquisition, and structure of the investment.

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